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At American Manufactured Structures and Services (AMSS) our goal is to produce mission critical facilities that enable clients to preserve and promote the interests of the United States and home and abroad. We have developed a range of capabilities that enable us to provide clients with superior products and services. We have the capability and historical track record to design, fabricate, transport, and field assemble a range of facilities including, but not limited to, very sophisticated communication shelters, modular data centers, SCIF/tempest/EMI facilities, forced entry/ballistic/blast resistant modular buildings, multistory modular/prefabricated office buildings, and prefabricated warehouses. Each of these structures can be designed and fabricated to include sophisticated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, specialized air filtration, secure communications infrastructure, intrusion detection systems, facility access control, CCTV systems, emergency notification systems, and red/black/critical/non-critical power infrastructure.

AMSS leverages its fabrication capabilities to provide clients with a team of experts capable of developing custom and prototype structures based upon unique client requirements and specifications. Examples include, but are not limited to, the research and development of novel SCIF and EMI structures, specialized chiller enclosures, and highly customized portable integrated generator/power systems.

AMSS also provides a multitude of construction and renovation services including the following: coordination of design services, existing building renovations/modifications/repairs, operations and maintenance, and coordination of worldwide transportation logistics. Existing building renovation/modification/repair projects include building additions, existing office space upgrades, fire system upgrades/repairs, electrical service expansion, upgrades and repairs, mechanical service expansion, upgrades, and repairs, HVAC system service expansion, upgrades and repairs, and low voltage system (communications, security, IT) expansion, upgrades, and repairs. Operations and Maintenance projects typically include mechanical systems, electrical systems, and fire protection systems.

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