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AMSS is a leading world-wide provider of modular data centers. We specialize in the design, factory fabrication, transportation and onsite assembly of modular data centers throughout the world. Each project is designed and fabricated to unique client dimensions and requirements. Features include open architecture, multiple cooling options to include chilled water infrastructure, UPS systems, and full generator back-up with combination ATS/MTS.

Benefits of AMSS modular data centers are:
  • Speed To Market is critical in the construction of a new data center. AMSS's modular data centers are completed faster than conventional construction, with reduced impact due to poor weather conditions, labor inefficiencies, etc.
  • Data Center Scalability is a must have feature in todays data centric environment. The AMSS model allows for fast seamless upgrades to equipment, and future floor space requirements can be satisfied with additional modules.

AMSS modular data centers are factory built, fully tested, and can be shipped with your equipment already in place including computer/server gear and racks, UPS systems, network switches, etc. AMSS projects leave the factory fully assembled, tested and ready to be field set. AMSS's turnkey approach provides full transportation logistics, as well as complete on site assembly and commissioning.