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AMSS is proud to introduce its newest product line – multistory residential housing. AMSS developed a solution in response to the Bloomberg administration's need for a first-of-its-kind disaster housing program, creating modular apartments uniquely designed for the challenges of urban living. The AMSS prototype is designed to be a humane, healthy, durable, sustainable, urban, rapidly deployable and economically sourced system. Our scheme utilizes well-established modular systems to construct detached or attached multistory urban townhouse types with fully accessible first floors. It can be configured as studios, one, two, and three bedroom units according to how its components are combined.

Features of our product line include the following:

  • Proportions Room proportions are determined by comfort, perception, and furnishing flexibility. With a minimum room dimension of 11.5' units are within normal apartment dimensions.

  • Flexibility Room proportions, window and door placement, and lighting fixtures are designed to allow a variety of bed and furniture configurations allowing single or double beds and bunks.

  • Privacy Unit entries shield a direct view while bedroom entries are separated from other living spaces. The unit exterior balcony provides privacy for the large living room window area while bedroom units are placed furthest away from the street.

  • Natural Ventilation All units are designed for cross ventilation without compromising security or privacy.

  • Balcony A balcony is provided at the living room unit to create a connection to the street community and nature while enhancing privacy and controlling solar heat.

  • Window Area Generous window areas (8' wide and 6'-8" high) are provided in the living units to expand the perceived space of the unit, provide views and ample sunlight, and integrate the exterior balcony.

  • Materials and Systems All materials and systems are chosen with regard to maximizing life cycle performance. Ceiling materials, wall finishes, and flooring have been chosen based upon their ability to provide comfort, durability, and appropriate sound attenuation. Institutional specifications are used throughout to ensure that systems finishes, hardware, and details have a long service life.

  • Replaceable Components All building components and systems are designed to be accessible and replaceable. Plumbing connections and HVAC system components are unobtrusive, and can be accessed, serviced, and replaced. They are located strategically as to minimize noise, odor, and visibility. All components are shared modular elements that can be stocked for replacement.

AMSS offers full turnkey services to include design, factory fabrication, transportation, site development, and on site assembly of the units.