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AMSS is a leading prefabricated and modular structure provider. We design, fabricate, ship, install, and maintain secure mission critical facilities throughout the world. The types of structures that we fabricate include: modular data centers, modular communication facilities, modular office buildings, modular dorms/government housing units, modular training facilities, tactical data centers, tactical communication shelters, and tactical office ISO containers.

AMSS has experience with design-bid-build contracts and well as design-build contracts. AMSS excels at providing full turnkey services under design-build contracts to include design, factory fabrication, overseas logistics/transportation, and site construction and installation.

AMSS resources include a cleared group of engineers, architects, physical and technical security experts, construction managers, craftsmen and technicians who possess TS clearances, including SCI and hostile environment/war zone training/certifications.

  • Forced Entry / Ballistic / Blast Resistant Buildings
  • Multi-story Office Buildings
  • Training Facilities/Dorms/Government housingCommunication Shelters
  • Communication Shelters
  • SCIF/Tempest/EMI Facilities
  • Multi-purpose Facilities
  • Tactical Shelters
  • Custom/Prototype Structures
  • General Purpose Shelters
  • Warehouses